All Is Well
Adult Day Services

When you bring your loved one to us for care, just know that All Is Well and all will be well.

Address: 901 E. Eldorado Parkway, Little Elm, TX 75068


Phone: 469-305-1899

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  1. Enhanced positive mood and outlook on life.

  2. Slowed progression of dementia and memory challenges.

  3. Improved social and verbal abilities.

  4. Enhanced memory through reminiscing and socializing.

  5. Stimulated mental activity through games, puzzles, and crafts.

  6. Increased physical activity, strength and blood flow.

  7. Improved art skills and abilities.

  8. New friends made and enjoyed.

  9. Increased appetite and nutrition (we all eat better when we eat with others).

  10. Boosted self-esteem through celebration of their life and accomplishments.

There are so many benefits to adult care.