All Is Well
Adult Day Services

When you bring your loved one to us for care, just know that All Is Well and all will be well.

Address: 901 E. Eldorado Parkway, Little Elm, TX 75068


Phone: 469-305-1899

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About Us

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

We treat every client like they are a part of our family. Our goal is to provide all families with compassionate, safe, and fun-filled care for their loved one.

Our Objective

To help reduce hospitalizations, prevent secondary disabilities that result from inactivity, increase self-esteem and dignity, elevate mood and improve behaviors, improve nutrition, decrease the harmful effects of isolation and loneliness and, be something to look forward to in our community.


Our Services

  • Nursing & Medication Management

  • Nutritious Meals

  • Recreation &Therapeutic Activities

  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy (as needed)

  • Caregiver Support

Our Goals

To provide the highest level of care to the families and their loved one.

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